Letters To The Editor

ELIE SIUS - Why was there no Obituary for your Editor Gina Villanueva. Out of respect and the knowledge that you had a brilliant writer, I expected to see the Obituary. (Thank you for writing to us regarding the Obituary for our editor Ms. Gina Villanuieva whose demise caught us by surprise. We did publish and Obituary for the late Ms. Gina Villanueva. We posted the Obituary beside the OFW News section. Most likely you did not scroll down the front page of The Philippine Sentinel and you missed reading her Obituary. Editor.)


MARICHU SIERAS, Cavite City, Philippines - I miss the Entertainment Section of The Philippine Sentinel. When are you going to resume the publication of the news about my favorites movie stars? (We are still trying to balance our space and will soon publsEntertainment News.Editor.)


TONY CAOILE, Laguna- The news article about the warning of our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte about the possibility of a revolt by the natives in Mindanao if and ever the COMELEC will never change its service provider, SMARTMATIC which has become to be problematic in providing an honest transmission of votes especially coming from Mindanao.


BONIFACIO ARCENAS, New York -When will the COMELEC change its counting of the votes to manual abd then use the computer to transmit the votes to its server in Manila so the COMELEC can start the process of sending it to the National Board of Canvassers so the Filipino people can get the results right away.


Douglas Carwell, UK: The European Union claims to have 40 "free trade agreements" with around 50 countries in place but instead of "freeing trade," these deals turn out to do the exact opposite. Brussels' Free Trade Agreements are 'FAKE' and 'LIMIT TRADE'!!! Congratulations to Philippine Sentinel Global for writing about the beginnings of EU!


Candida Hernandez, Honduras: Thanks for writing about Opioid deaths caused by Purdue Pharma. Secret portions of a lawsuit allege that Purdue Pharma, controlled by the Sacker family, considered capitalizing on the addiction treatment boom - while going to extreme lengths to boost sales of its controversial opioid OxyContin. Felicidades, Philippine Sentinel Global!


Leocadio Sandoval, San Luis Potosi, Mexico: The allopathic medicine racket is more of a medical mafia. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj said that medications are palliative. They are not designed to cure the degenerative diseases of the body. Thank you, Philippine Sentinel Global, for digging deeper for the facts.


Allopathy Inc. State Medicine (see State Murder, Genocide, Terrorism & Abuse). The Medical Monopoly is hiding behind these names: Orthodox, Modern, Scientific, Contemporary, Traditional, Conventional, Evidence/Science base, or School medicine. Aka Big Pharma, The Drug Trust, Modern science, The Medical Profession, The Medical Industry, the Cancer & AIDS Industry, The Medical-Industrial Complex, Corporate Medicine.


Pure, well-documented Evil, hence the term Medical Mafia (see: Allopathy Inc. personality profile) i.e., Satanic. Allopathy is a covert Church. Allopathic Medicine is mostly based around patentable drugs (pharmaceutical medicine), with radiation and surgery. 


Administered by the 'Medical Profession' who are all medical doctors. These medical doctors that will only use the drug company products are called Allopaths, as opposed to the ones who use alternative medicine (non-Allopathic) such as nutrients. It is run by the Medical Mafia. One of the best-kept secrets is the Allopathic medical monopoly. The merger of State with Corporate power is called Fascism, so this is medical fascism.



Thank you, Philippine Sentinel Global for your courage in exposing the evil allopathic medicine! They have been 'suiciding' and 'disappearing' most of the doctors of osteopathy to silence them from their research and discovery that is everything against Big Pharma profit, but for patient's health.


Dirk Hamer, Mettmann, Germany: Danke Schoen, Philippine Sentinel Global, fur exposing allopathic medicine. My late father, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hammer said, "To sell chemotherapy as a 'therapy' is most likely the biggest deceit in the history of medicine. Whoever masterminded this chemo-torture deserves a monument in hell."


Dr. Richard Shulze, N.D. M.H., New York: The machinery looks good, the technology seems nice, everything smells like isopropyl alcohol; I mean they are the greatest salesmen in the world. We're going to go look back at this century and we're going to laugh eventually, but we'll cry first. This is one of the most barbaric periods. It's going to be called the Allopathic Dark Ages of Medicine. Congratulations Philippine Sentinel Global for your courage in reporting facts about allopathic medicine.


Elyra M. Hauser, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY: No wonder you are now read in 50 countries worldwide, Philippine Sentinel Global! You are SUPER in investigative journalism! Congratulations! Kudos to Gina Villanueva, Rigoberto Tiglao, Ed Libranda, Adam Garrie, Pepe Escobar!


Very interesting article on Chemtrails. Not too many people know about chemtrails. On a sunny day, I looked up the sky and then I see them trails. I know what you are talking about. Keep doing what you are doing to educate the people on this subject.


Isabel Zaratoga, Dallas, TX: Thank you, Philippine Sentinel Global for writing about chemtrail reality. When you pay attention to everything that is going on in the world today, it's not a stretch to question whether depopulation efforts are behind viruses that emerge mysteriously and suddenly affect a number of people.


Neal Jensen, Louisville, KY: Thanks for coming forward about chemtrail cough, Philippine Sentinel Global! 3 months after the last head cold I had and this is still happening now and no relief from it despite vitamins and a good diet and lots of sleep. It leaves me with a perceptible wheeze and it's not from smoking cigarettes at all! I knew it was DIFFERENT! They keep you sick to keep you down and less resilient to their other poisoning methods. Oh BTW the chemtrailing over KY has been near constant the whole time, too. Everyone here locally has this cough. The barges of fly ash that are shipped day after day from Louisville - are being sprayed right back on us as a carrier medium. This has been confirmed by weather modification scientists - they spray to block sunlight.


FRANCISCO JUCA, Rio de Janeiro: Jair Bolsonaro represents a dark moment for Brazil and the question is how much damage he can do


Charlie Unkefer, Mt. Shasta, CA: Thank you Philippine Sentinel Global for writing about chemtrails. We are being sprayed on a regular basis with a chemtrail bath of barium salts, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, live biological toxins, and other sub-micron particles.
Please take a few moments to educate yourself about what is happening.
Chemtrails look like jet exhaust contrails that disappear in 30-40 seconds in the sky. They form long white lines/patterns across the sky that stay up for many hours above our heads and fall on unsuspecting citizens as they go about their daily lives. So many people are unaware that they are being contaminated with toxins in the air they are breathing.


There is not one human health risk assessment or environmental impact study that has been submitted for public and civil examinations, comments or debates. This violates civil, environmental, and international laws, with respect to treaties. Chemtrails, Chemical trails or Aerosol spraying are a very real threat to the environment, animals, birds, marine life, and humanity on a global scale and must be stopped.


Claudia Sinclair, Las Vegas: Las Vegas residents are increasingly noticing the appearance of chemical trails overhead. Such "chemtrails" are substantially different in appearance to the normal condensation trails left by jet airliners. The difference is that while condensation trails are composed of water vapor that dissipates rapidly, "chemtrails" linger much longer and spread out over time to eventually cover the sky with a thin haze.

The U.S. Air Force Website refutes the "Chemtrail Hoax" as having been around since 1996.

Before you believe the government's "denial," do an Internet search for the following terms: "Joint Vision for 2020" and "Weather is a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025," a whitepaper by MIT"s Bernard Eastlund and H-bomb father Edward Teller. Before he died in 2003, Teller was director emeritus of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where plans for nuclear, biological, and directed energy weapons are crafted. In 1997, Teller publicly outlined his proposal to use aircraft to scatter through the stratosphere millions of tons of electrically-conductive metallic materials, ostensibly to reduce global warming. Two scientists working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base confirmed...that they were involved in aerial spraying experiments. In the U.S. Air Force research study, "Weather as a Force Multiplier" issued in August 1996, seven U.S. military outlined how HAARP and aerial cloud-seeding from tankers could allow U.S. aerospace forces to "own the weather" by the year 2025. Among the desired objectives were "Storm Enhancement," "Storm Modification," and "Drought Inducement." Philippine Sentinel Global, you do right by writing about "chemtrail."


Steven Levitsky, Cambridge, MA: Good articles on Brazil, Philippine Sentinel Global!
There have been very, very few military coups in Latin America over the last 35 years. So I think that while increased public support for a military coup is troubling, it is much more likely Brazilian democracy will die at the hands of an elected leader.
[Under Jair Bolsonaro], Brazil is about to show the world how a modern democracy falls apart.
(The Editors at Philippine Sentinel Global: Steven Levitsky at Harvard University is a political scientist and author of How Democracies Die.)

Frank Sturman, Houston, TX: You write an absolutely brilliant article for the Left, unless I interpreted it wrongly. I have to tell you that I am an ardent Trump supporter. He is trying to restore the U.S. from all the damage the Left has done and trying to do to destroy our Nation. ie Obumer! 


The Editors at Philippine Sentinel Global: Thank you for your invaluable comments, Frank. The Philippine Sentinel Global is not anti-American or anti-whoever the president is, or anti-any country. It is not Left, or Right, or center-Left, or center-Right, or far Left, or far Right.


The mission of Philippine Sentinel Global is to enhance excellence in independent, investigative journalism which is essential in a free society and remains the bulwark to ensure transparency, accountability and a diversity of views and opinions based on documented facts, research and authentic multi-sources. 


Guilherme Soares Dias, Sao Paulo, Brasil: Obrigado Sentinela Filipina Global por escrever sobre o Brasil. Nos apreciamos seu interesse em nosso pais!


Can Brazil still be saved? In 1946, the Bahian banking oligarch Clemente Mariani gave a speech in the Constituent Assembly and, in all of his anti-Communist furore, said, "The democracy that we want to instill in Brazil is not social or proletariat democracy, but a formal, bourgeois democracy that is based on freedom and not on equality." That quote sets the tone for what one part of the Bolsonaro supporters believe in: a democracy on paper and a dictatorship in the streets. Another faction of his supporters openly defend the return of the military to power. Regardless of the results of the October 27th elections, Brazilian democracy will remain in peril. Fascism is a monster that will not want to go back in the closet. Now they know its size. Luckily, we know it, too. There is going to be a fight.


(The Editors at Philippine Sentinel Global: Let's see if we can translate in English what he said about Philippine Sentinel Global. He said: "Thank you, Philippine Sentinel Global for writing about Brazil. We appreciate your interest in our country." 

Now, we will express in Portuguese, our reply to him: Voces sao muito bem vindos, Guilherme. Temos 10 milhoes de Filipinos (ja la e alguns sao migrantes) no Brasil com nossa embaixada em Brasilia e varios outros consulados que pontilham todo o pais do Brasil (You are most welcome, Guilherme! We have 10 million Filipinos (already there and some are migrants) in Brazil, with our Embassy in Brasilia and several other consulates dotting the entire country of Brazil.).


Guilherme Soares Dias is a Brazilian journalist who has written for Brazilian newspapers Economico and Estado de Sao Paulo. He is a member of the Sao Paulo Commission of Journalists for Racial Equality and a founding Editor of the digital magazine Calle 2.


Frank Sturman, Houston, TX: Really enjoyed your publication, PhilippinE Sentinel Global! You write great, too, even though a lot of it ies Spaniol! No comprendo! (Editors: Thanks much Frank - not just Espanol but Portuguese, too - we are global. Our invaluable reader comments are why we continue to adhere to Ad Majorem DeI Gloriam - For the Greater Glory of God!)


Juanita Rodriguez, Sugarland, TX - Excellente Articulos, Philippine Sentinel Global! You're the best!


Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakmanov: Thank you for your good article on the Caspian Sea Convention, Philippine Global Sentinel!  The thorny issue of how to split the hydrocarbon-rich subsoil territory has been put off. The methodology for establishing state baselines shall be determined in a separate agreement among all the parties according to this convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea. This is a key phrase, especially important for our Iranian partners.


Jamshid Farrokhzad, Tehran: The Caspian Sea, which was once controlled by Iran, is a sensitive issue for our country. It lost the northern part of the sea in a defeat by Russia in the 1820s and the loss seems still traumatic. Rouhani's critics will paint any perceived concession at the summit as a national betrayal. But Rouhani is not amenable to quarrel with his neighbours. Since Trump issued his twitter threat to unleash "the most biting sanctions ever imposed" on Iran with a promise that "anyone doing business with Iran will not be doing business with the United States," Tehran has been scrambling to fill dangerous new holes in its economy. Its preference has long been to rach for trade and diplomatic partnerships in Europe but now Trump has effectively cut this market off, Iran has been forced to turn to Russia, China, and its regional allies to keep its economy afloat. 


Anna Roberts, DHA Denver, CO: Thank you, Philippine Sentinel Global - very good readings!


Paul Edwards, Montana, USA: Tremendous article on the Russian Navy, Philippine Sentinel Global! Very comprehensive and detailed. How did you digest all that high tech weaponry info and lay it out so well? And yes, you laid into the Empire with both fists. Really top-flight reporting. Very impressive work, Philippine Sentinel Global - well done, naman.


Tang Kei, Guangzhou, China: Very good article on Silk Road, Philippine Sentinel Global! China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road has attracted great interest internationally, intensified by other possible impacts of the plan. Together with its land-route counterpart the Silk Road Economic Belt, the Maritime Silk Road forms part of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), formerly One Belt One Road (OBOR).

Guifre Jordan, Barcelona: Good editorial on Podemos - Philippine Sentinel Global! Thank you for helping us expose its evils!

Podemos offers no alternative to the rise of the right-wing, nationalist sentiment. In fact, Podemos facilitates it. 


Podemos does not intend to mount any serious struggle against the far right, in Spain or elsewhere. Rather, it aims to block social opposition by containing, misdirecting and ultimately dispersing any movement of the working class - in the interests of its upper-middle-class constituency. 


Podemos' value to the ruling elite is expressed in the media support it has received for its "back to the streets" campaign, coordinated with the union bureaucracy, which consists of a few staged media stunts during strikes. The media talk up these actions as oppositional in order to railroad escalating social anger behind Podemos' bankrupt, nationalist perspective. A real threat facing the working class is that Podemos is creating fertile ground for the creation of a genuine far-right party, one that can more directly use the language of "homeland," "Spain," and nationalism to defend the interests of the ruling class


Ramadan Al Sherbini, Hajjah, Yemen: Philippines Sentinel Global - thank you for shedding light on Yemen. Ansar Allah or the Houthi movement has experienced several major transformations in arriving at its current dominant position in Yemeni politics - it backed regional autonomy, respect for diversity and the strengthening of a democratic state.


Catherine Shakdam, Director of Programs, Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, London, UK: If Saudi Arabia, a regional super-power strong with its trillions of petrodollars, has ruled unchallenged over the Middle East and to an extent over the Islamic World, it has done so at the expense of people's freedom and prosperity. Yemen - more than any other country in the region has suffered under its powerful and rich tyrant of a neighbor. Thank you kindly, Philippines Sentinel Global, for featuring Yemen!


Paul Edwards, Montana, USA: You are something, doing all the good work you do and getting out such a fine publication, Philippine Sentinel Global! Kudos and congratulations! Keep on trucking!


Andrea Lobo, Buenos Aires: Felicidades Philippine Sentinel Global! Gracias por escribir la verdad sobre Argentina - Si, Argentina es todavia exclamento: por ahora, tenemos otro perro Americano como nuestro lider.


Gladys Drew, Honolulu, HI: Your May 14 edition has a neat look and is easier to navigate. Blessings, Philippine Sentinel Global!


Rey Soriano, Singapore -New design and updated Philippine news.


Juliet Hidalgo, CA: Excellent job Philippine Sentinel Global! Keep up the good work!


Rei Collins, MI, USA: Good job, Philippine Sentinel!


Paul Edwards, Montana, USA - What a prime layout for my piece, Philippine Sentinel! FYI the "sick: was intentional in my title "Sick Semper Tyrannis." I was gaming the Latin to indicate how rotten and sick American policy has been under Trump. Hope your eye heals rapidly, Gina and beautifully and soon! EDITOR Paul covered for my column INNERVIEW while I underwent my monofocal IOL on my right eye last week, He is a writer and filmmaker in Montana and happily married to a Filipina from Surigao del Norte. Thanks much Paul!


Jen Myers, R.N. Athmar Park, CO: Interesting note on the internet taxes, Philippine Sentinel! I'm going to look into my bill. Thanks!

Jack Regala, MI - My wife and I always look forward to reading Philippine Sentinel global edition, every week. Great journalistic work! Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Jen Myers, R.N., Denver, CO: Wow! I'm so honored to be acknowledged in your prestigious Philippine Sentinel! We read you every week and thank God for your work in His name, His truth!


David Bailey, Denver, CO: A study in 2016 by Zhang Kun and Zhang Mingxin of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Interesting that your quote is from people at the University of which I taught English in 2001...there are no coincidences as you know...doing great, Philippine Sentinel!


Thomas Hansen, Aviation & Aerospace Professional, Hansen Associates, LLC, Greater Denver Area: Philippine Sentinel, you are coming definitely still doing EXCELLENT work!


Greg Anthony Szymanski, CA: Interesting site you have. Are you based in Texas? What group of readers are you trying to reach? Your site is beautiful! keep it up! And your president is a sincere and sensible one to ask help from China and Russia. Can't blame him for not trusting the United States.


Editor: Yes, Greg - we are based in Texas. Our initial target readers are the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and all humanity on the flat Earth who are seekers of truth - not just rely on the lamestream type of yellow journalism pervasive in the Western corporate-owned media outlets. Thank you for your interest.


Shayan Modarres, Esq. Legal Counsel to National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Travelers, and family members of travelers from countries targeted under the Muslim ban, should be prepared for possible confusion, delay, and disruption as a result of a new Muslim ban that may be unveiled this weekend. Details of the newest version of Trump's Muslim ban are still unknown, but according to reports, restrictions could fifer on a country-by-country basis. Additionally, the Muslim ban 3.0 is expected to be expanded to target travelers from other countries such as Central America or South Asia. NIAC will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available. For questions, please email me at: smodarres@niacouncil.org  


Gladys Drew, Hirschfeld Towers, Denver, CO: Our hearts go out to all those who have lost homes or loved ones in the wake of Hurrican Harvey. May God strengthen and encourage them all during this time.


Jennifer Mendez,Caracas: AIPAC is the yiddish lobby of erzats Americans who bought the US Congress with kosher nostra money.


Joseph J. Schatz, Arlington County, VA: Want to be a 'foreign' agent? Serve in Congress first. Former members of Congress make millions of dollars representing countries that straddle the line between allies and headaches for the US. Saudi Arabia's long-standing reservoir of goodwill on Capitol Hill had already been dwindling for years when Congress voted to allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue the kingdom over its alleged involvement in the terrorist attacks. But Saudi Arabia still has lots of allies among retired members of Congress -- the ones it pays, at least. And they're more than willing to leverage their access on Capitol Hill to defend U.S. Saudi relationship, even as an increasing number of lawmakers challenge Riyadh's support for Wahhabi extremist groups and raise alarm bells about the humanitarian toll of its US-backed military campaign in Yemen.


Benjamin Oreskes, VA: A review of FARA spending records by Politico.com shows that Middle Eastern monarchies and former Soviet bloc nations, including Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus, and Hungary are becoming some of the top spenders on Washington lobbying -- and they're often hiring former members. Saudi Arabia, for instance, reported $1 million in spending in 2000; in 2015, it reported more than $13 million, part of a ramp-up in lobbying that's made the kingdom one of many up-and-comers in the Washington foreign influence game. Turkey is the poster child when it comes to foreign lobbying opportunities for former members of both parties. In recent years, the country's increasingly autocratic government has employed an army of lobbyists, including Gephardt, Lott, Breaux, former House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston (R-La), the late Rep. Stephen Solarz (D-N>Y>), former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), former CIA director and longtime House member Porter Goss (R-Fla.) and former Reps. Albert Wynn (D-Md.) and Jim McCrery (R-La.).


David Romasanta, Caracas: AIPAC supports endless war, executed by the US - for Israel.


Simon Ballesteros, Dominican Republic: AIPAC has a dangerous stranglehold over US foreign policy, the illegal policies of the Israeli government - separation walls, settlements, the siege of Gaza -- in addition to its bellicose policies across the region, especially Iran, has been devastating for Palestinians and the Middle East, including Israel. It also harms US reputation around the world and squanders $3 billion a year subsidizing the powerful Israeli military when they need that money to house the American homeless, and feed their hungry, and provide health insurance for their poor.


Conchita Mendoza, Manila: It is time for the US to get out of the Philippines .when it is not protecting its people, but provoking only both China and Russia


Paulo Fuentes, Bolivia: It's time to wean US policy from AIPAC's grip toward an even-handed position that respects international law and the human rights of all people on Earth. the goal is to pull the rug out from under the floor of AIPAC, to expose the truth about this lobby group, an unregistered foreign agent, and its occupation policies.


Grant F. Smith, Washington, DC: The AIPAC-sponsored U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, signed into law by President Obama on July 27, 2012, makes unprecedented demands on U.S>. taxpayers and diplomats. It mandates American economic largess to Israel via high technology, agriculture, medicine, health, pharmaceutical, and energy transfers. It demands funding for Israel Aerospace Industries missile-defense programs and air-refueling tankers and munitions Israel could use to unilaterally set off a wider war with Iran. Israel even won a detour of used weapons from U.S. forces departing Iraq. The aid law extends already generous loan guarantees to Israel.(http://www.wrmea.org/archives/512-washington-report-archives-2011-2015/june-july-2012/11223-stewart-nozette-sentenced-to-13-years-for-attempted-mossad-espionage.html) The package also requires the US president to issue to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and House Committee on Foreign Affairs a report on the status of Israel's "qualitative military edge" by Jan. 23, 2013. It is finally time for some hard truths. An honest presidential response to this AIPAC-mandated reporting rider would wipe clean all current and future US-taxpayer-funded obligations to Israel. A truthful presidential assessment would finally tell the American people the following: "Israel has deployed a clandestine nuclear arsenal with some components (http://www.kcl.ac.uk/sspp/departments/warstudies/research/groups/csss/alpha/about-proliferation/Electronics/Krytrons.aspx) and materials (http://www.irmep.org/ila/numec/) stolen from the United States. Our foreign aid laws, therefore, make Israel ineligible for further taxpayer dollars." AIPAC is seamlessly linked to Israel and should register as a foreign agent.


Roberto Obillo, expat, Peru: On the massacre of Us Navy sailors on the USS Liberty, it is my humble opinion, after extensive research, that President Lyndon Johnson KNEW of the attack beforehand and himself, wanted "all hands dead." This would have been the ultimate "false flag" operation, drawing the USA into war with Egypt, while hiding the Israeli massacre of occupants of an Egyptian city. When all hands aboard the ship "refused to die," Johnson was FORCED to (reluctantly) send help for the stricken ship. Johnson and his Israeli handlers should have been convicted of treason. The Israeli "Six Day War" was a pre-emptive strike and NOT a response to an attack. God damn the Israelis and sh!tty little country to hell! 

Krisnadev Calamur, Senior Editor, The Atlantic: What exactly is the US policy on Qatar? Immediately after the joint action (against Qatar) by the Arab States, Tillerson speaking in Sydney, said, "a growing list of some irritants in the region...have now bubbled up" and urged the countries "to sit down together and address these differences." These comments were echoed by US Defense Secretary James Mattis who said, "the diplomatic situation, it will probably take some time - I don't know how long - but it will be resolved."


Jamal Abdi, Executive Director, National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Congressman for California'ss 48th district, just said that the ISIS terrorist attacks in Iran were "a good thing." He represents more Iranian-Americans than nearly any other lawmaker in the House of Representatives. I knew Dana Rohrabacher was no friend to the Iranian-American community. He supports Muslim ban. He opposed the Iran deal. He has called for ethnic separatism to divide Iran. He is a long-time supporter of the Muhajedin-e-Khalq (MEK). But suggesting that we should be rooting for ISIS to kill innocent Iranians? This cannot go on without consequence.


Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic: When you're president, ignorance is no excuse. Trump is the commander-in-chief and is responsible for his actions.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel: We are now convinced that now is the hour of diplomacy and we must talk to each other, along with our American colleagues but above all our colleagues in the region, we must try to find solutions, especially lifting the sea and air blockades (on Qatar).


Gloria Moriarty, North Carolina: You are right, Ed. There should be one voice from our military, police -- in the matter of reporting to our ka-bayans on issues of insurgencies, or terror attacks. The Pinoy millennial presstitutes must also know how to ask the right questions. I am surprised that they ask the military how they'd pursue their strategies -- that is jeopardizing our national security because they're not only on national TV but worldwide! Congratulations to Philippine Sentinel for reporting the truth supported by your verified sources.


Iran Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani: Once the US claimed to manage the world to promote democracy and human rights. But now its president exchanges democracy for money.


Iran Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif: Repugnant WH (White House) statement (referring to Trump's warning that the nation was reaping what it sows)...as Iranians counter terror backed by US clients.


Belen Fontao Fernandez, Asturias (Spain): Since the ascent to power of US President Donald Trump, two discussion topics have become increasingly popular: whether or not the man is insane and whether or not it's appropriate to talk about whether or not the man is insane. Trump's America may seem like a cruel new psychology experiment but US society has been sick for quite some time.


Krisnadev Calamur, Senior Editor, The Atlantic: What exactly is the US policy on Qatar? Immediately after the joint action (against Qatar) by the Arab States, Tillerson speaking in Sydney, said, "a growing list of some irritants in the region...have now bubbled up" and urged the countries "to sit down together and address these differences." These comments were echoed by US Defense Secretary James Mattis who said, "the diplomatic situation, it will probably take some time - I don't know how long - but it will be resolved."


Jamal Abdi, Executive Director, National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Congressman for California'ss 48th district, just said that the ISIS terrorist attacks in Iran were "a good thing." He represents more Iranian-Americans than nearly any other lawmaker in the House of Representatives. I knew Dana Rohrabacher was no friend to the Iranian-American community. He supports Muslim ban. He opposed the Iran deal. He has called for ethnic separatism to divide Iran. He is a long-time supporter of the Muhajedin-e-Khalq (MEK). But suggesting that we should be rooting for ISIS to kill innocent Iranians? This cannot go on without consequence.


Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic: When you're president, ignorance is no excuse. Trump is the commander-in-chief and is responsible for his actions.



Mirkus Bell, Asst. Professor, Sheffield University School of East Asian Studies: Moon will have to contend with an impending North Korean nuclear test, the Trump's still unclear policies in the region, frictions with China, and an electorate that expects immediate reforms of the South Korean political system.


Phinit Rangsiyothai, Bangkok: Moon inherits leadership of a country fed up with corruption and hungry for a leader with a new vision.


Gloria Soberi, Peru: Moon has criticized the US military's hurried installation of a missile-defense system, who in his view, rushed the system's implementation before the election so that the next president of South Korea would not be able to reverse it.


Carmelita Tenorio, Honduras: Moon wants South Korea to be able to take the lead on matters on the Korean Peninsula, and no foreign country -- no unnecessary meddling from other countries.


Elbert Sanchez, Bolivia: Trump advocates isolating North Korean officials so that they'll be forced to make concessions ahead of negotiations. Moon, by contrast, favors outreach right away, so long as North Korea doesn't carry out acts of aggression.


Maryjoyce Peren Reyes, Waukegan, IL: Moon has responded sharply to repeated hints by Trump that it may launch military strikes against North Korea's nuclear program - strikes that could prompt the North to use artillery, chemical weapons, or even nuclear weapons against South Korea. Moon wrote in April, "I want to say it sternly. Military action on the Korean peninsula cannot happen without Korea's consent. He has argued that South Korea, as the country most squarely in North Korea's crosshairs, should "take the lead on matters in the Korean Peninsula," and that the United States and China should follow that lead.


Edward Lucas, NY: What we are now seeing -- most recently in France -- is competition between the political mainstream, coalescing behind a simple candidate, and its anti-systemic competitors.


Amulya Hundt, Hamburg, Germany: Macron is just another slave of the Deep State.


Shi Jiangtao, Beijing:  It remains to be seen if the inexperienced Macron can rise above a fractured France and Europe, boost his country's economy and address a raft of security and diplomatic uncertainties in a changing geopolitical landscape.


Matt Rohde, President, Local Resident council (LRC), Hirschfeld Towers, Denver, CO: Philippine Sentinel, That was surely an eye opener for me. I had never looked at nOrth Korea in that light. It all makes sense though. The US has used it's fear of communism in the US. It is what is taught us in school (or at least when I attended). I have had the good fortune of being able to listen to the presstitudes of other nations. Their understanding of Us policies is completely difference than most in the US. I also had the advantage of teachers and parents who taught me think for myself. My father served in Korea. He would never talk about it, until 50 years after the fact. He was not proud to have been there or what he did there. My brother was stationed in the Philippines for a part of his tour of duty. This of course before the alleged pull out and alleged closing of all US military bases in the Philippines. I enjoyed reading your column, Gina, it's insight and the chance to learn another perspective of the country in which I was born and raised in. Please remember that not all Americans are as ignorant as the despot that now you for opening my mind about North Korea: it has given me much food for thought. runs this country. Thank you, Philippine Sentinel!


Editor: Thank you, Matt Rohde, for reading the Philippine Sentinal digital weekly World Edition - we are now read in 50 countries, worldwide. Our mission statement is to write the truth for God's glory alone. The pull-out of American bases from the Philippines was mostly not because they refused to pay the hiked rent demanded by Philippine Congress, considering that Clark Air Force Base (CAFB) was the largest US military installation outside of the US and was paying the Philippines measly rent sum, compared to the smaller bases of the US, worldwide that it paid more than the Philippines (e.g., Turkey, to name one of them). The real tangible reason they had to leave was the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo that had devasted most of CAFB in Pampanga, the US Naval Station in Zambales, and a small Wallace Air Station up north, in La Union. And all three military installations were paid with just one measly check. However, the US never really left - it just went on a 24-year sabbatical. Because now, thanks to the US-backed local oligarchy of the immediate past administration, the Philippines practically offered the entire archipelago to the US as one huge military base. Not to protect the Filipinos as the US would have the naive, blue-collared ones believe, but to use the Philippines as a strategic platform between their arch enemies: China to the East, and Russia to the north. Because, like it, or else, China remains the hegemon in the Southeast-Pacific oceans. The US Empire will not hear of it, or have it that way. Why? Because the Philippines, while being the best strategic location, is also rich in natural resources, and gold -- and is the world's top exporter in nickel ore. It also bests its 9 other ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) neighbors in economic growth, for the last quarter. The Philippines is also known for its international beauty queens, and competes internationally in the Performing Arts, and Sports, as well. Not to mention our beautiful, clean beaches, and scuba diving seas. We have also produced for the first time in our history, the very first President who hails from the main southernmost island - Mindanao, the so-called Muslim part of the archipelago.

Jonas E. Alexis, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ:  By attacking Syria and inventing a conflict with North Korea, Trump has obviously grabbed his own voters by the hair of their heads and dragged them back to their oppressors, namely, the Neoconservatives and the Israeli regime. In fact, it was the Israeli officials that said: "North Korea presents the greatest threat to global security."  Texas is almost six times as big as North Korea, and Kim Jung-un would be a complete idiot if he thinks that he could possibly survive a war with the United States, Japan, and China. His regime would be thrown in the trashcan of history within a matter of days or hours.


Joe Clifford, Rhode Island: There is a great deal of propaganda and deliberate misinformation about North Korea, which the public should know. While Neocons, a cheering corporate media, and Deep State, rush to war with North Korea, information is the ultimate weapon. Did you know, for example, that North Korea, China, and India are the only three nations who have committed to a "no nuclear first" policy? They have pledged never to use nuclear weapons "first," but of course reserve the right to use them if attacked. The Korean War has never officially ended because there was no formal truce signed, which North Korea demands. A final treaty to end the Korean War was never signed because if there was a treaty, the US would have no legal basis for the occupation of South Korea with our many military bases. Why can't the US simply sit down and agree to bilateral talks? This whole policy of antagonizing, instead of talking, is insane! We know it's insanity; we don't know if it is the US intentional rejection of diplomacy.


Editor: Thank you, Joe Clifford. That's because, as Arundhati Roy said, "Once weapons were manufactured to fight wars. Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons." Somebody has to have insatiable, naked greed to keep the profits for themselves alone, not necessarily for the benefit of the American people -- from our global arms sales -- we are the top global arms salesmen on Earth! And that somebody is the US (Roman) Empire. "Buy American, Hire American," and we all put arms on the dinner table to feed our families, as it seems to be the only "Buy American" product that we excel at making, today, in this secret British colony, of which we all are "subjects," which is another name for "slaves."



Akiko Nakamura, Tokyo: Why is the Korean leader described as 'unstable?' The only instability in the world resides at the White House.


Ronald Fitzgerald, Queens, NY: If the Vatican-created UN is unstable, then the liar in the WH is psychotic.


Teresa Jimenez, Bolivia: Washington wants the people of Korean Peninsula to live in perpetual state of fear so the United States of Assholes can have a platform in South Korea to control North China Sea.


Jose Prieto, Miami, Cuba: If you leave Koreans by themselves, they will solve their own problems. So which country is mentally unstable here -- North Korea, South Korea or Los Estados Unidos del Vaticana? You can always count on Los Estados Unidos del Vaticana --- to start wars.


Magdalena Repolswier, Hamburg, Germany: Putting aside the lack of proof of Russian interference in US (s)Elections, Americans have the nerve complaining about outside meddling when they have violated the sovereign rights of countries on much of the Earth. Americans need to apologize to people in Grenada, Haiti, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Russia -- and even the Philippines too! 


 Han Song Ryol, Director-General, U.S Affairs, North Foreign Ministry, Pyongyang, Korea: Thank you, Philippine Sentinel! Washington has crossed the red line and effectively declared war by putting leader Kim Jong Un on its list of sanctioned individuals. The recent U.S. actions have put the situation on the Korean Peninsula on a war footing. North Korea believes the nature of the manoeuvres become openly aggressive because they reportedly now include training designed to prepare troops for the invasion of the North's capital and "decapitation strikes" aimed at killing its top leadership. This is just the final straw. The United States has crossed the red line in our showdown. We regard this thrice-cursed crime as a declaration of war. The US has deployed the B-52 strategic bomber around South Korea and is planning to set up the world's most advanced missile defense system, known as THAAD, in the South, a move that has also angered China. Mark Lippert, the US ambassador to South Korea is unfit for a diplomat. He is a villain, a crazy person - proving only that he is aggravating the tensions in the Korean Peninsula. Nobody can predict what kind of influence this kind of vicious confrontation between the DPRK and the United States will have upon the situation. By doing these kinds of vicious and hostile acts toward the DPRK, the US has already declared war against the DPRK. So it is our self-defensive right and justifiable action to respond in a very hard way. Pyongyang will not abandon its nuclear program. In the view of cause and effect, it is the US that provided the cause of our possession of nuclear forces. We never hide the fact and we are very proud of the fact, that we have very strong nuclear deterrent forces not only to cope with the United States' nuclear blackmail but also to neutralize the nuclear blackmail of the United States


Suliman Baldo, Senior Advisor at the Enough Project: EU's Migration Partnership with Sudan is supporting the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a brutal militia that evolved from duan's genocidal Janjaweed militia. It is a border from hell. The EU's effort to stem irregular migration at the source should not come at the cost of gross violations of the human rights of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees in Sudan. The RSF has been transformed, re-armed, re-branded by the government from a genocidal militia deployed in recent years, into a national counterinsurgency force under the command of the country's notoriously abusive intelligence services and was more recently integrated into Sudan's national army, with direct command line to the presidency.


Paul Gabriel Lam, South Sudan rebel: The attack came from pro-government forces under the control of Juba regime, the South Sudanese Army.


Bienvenida Dominguez, Honduras: Los Estados Unidos - muy malo, robaro -- muy cruel con Sudan del Sur.


Mousa Faki, AU Commission Chairman: Attack on aid workers was a great violation of international humanitarian laws. The (Kiir) government has a responsibility to protect aid workers.


Caleb Desta, Addis Ababa: South Sudan famine is man-made by US-backed Kiir regime, and US intervention.


Cory Pelc, Service Coordinator at Sun Valley Homes & Community Service Point Person at DHA, Denver, CO: Reading through the Philippine Sentinel - looks great! Keep up the good work!


Salvador Saldana, Manila: It is a pity that most of our kabayans are still adulating the colonizers, instead of helping in the development of our national discipline, unity, and solidarity -- and be proud of our sovereignty that is overflowing with a people who are patient, hardworking, resilient OFWs, our international talents in the performing arts, our people endowed with an inimitable sense of humor even under distress -- a lovely, brave people, the Maharlikans -rich history, culture, tradition, natural resources, and gold. Congratulations, Philippine Sentinel, for reporting the truth! Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay and Maharlika Islands!


D. R. Bhelti, Bahrain: The plan to remove President Duterte is a continuation of the CIA program against 3rd world countries that do not permit US diplomats to control their countries. Former CIA station manager, John Stockwell, has published vides for 25+ years documenting and explaining the tactics used.



Ahmed Mohammed, Tehran: Not only does the US-HAARP decimate countries they want to steal from, but really the whole world of Allah - they have killed just at least 25 Iranians in East Azarbaijan province, here in Iran from flash floods by the heavy rains they have sent. The secret shadow government of Israel is one of several Middle Eastern shadow governments that carried out the 9/11 bombings to start WWW3 and remain in control of humanity. Thank you, Philippine Sentinel for writing about Arabs. 

Ahmed Mohammed, 


Shaun'a Aloha Ke, Honolulu: We love all Filipinos in our islands, more than any other race. Thank you, Philippine Sentinel!


Rosita Roberts, Hickam AFB: Congratulations Philippine Sentinel!


Jennifer Kramer, NY: Patrons of bars that stay open past 2:00 a.m. lose one hour of drinking time on the day when Daylight Saving Time springs forward one hour. This has led to annual problems in numerous locations. and sometimes even to riots. For example, at a "time disturbance" in Athens, Ohio, site of Ohio University, over 1,000 students and other late night parties chanted "Freedom," as they threw liquor bottles at the police attempting to control the riot.


Carlota Carlos, Houston, TX: Certain types of accidents happen more often and are more severe after springing forward, according to a study of miners published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in 2009.


James Lowell, Perth, Australia: A study published in 2008 in the journal Sleep and Biological Rhythms found an uptick in suicides in Australian men during the first weeks after daylight-saving time.


Margarita Megadiouh, Hamburg, Germany: A study of Germans in the weeks before and after the transition to daylight saving time, when the clock switches forward, showed a negative impact in well-being for a full week after the change takes place. The effect was about twice as large when they looked at results only from full-time employed males. The researchers translated this effect into a monetary amount by calculating how much of an increase in monthly income would be needed to offset hoe much each participant's well-being declined.


Michelle Reyes, Houston, TX: Community disturbance in any apartment complex is a no-no, as stipulated in any lease agreement. It should not take a year or so to resolve that problem. It is evidently a lease violation.


Severino Iglesias, Madrid, Spain: Brava on your destabilization story. Calling all drug addicts and dealers. Go sneak into the EU countries and seek asylum status. Las Islas Filipinas es un pais soberano, cono! EU no right to meddle en Filipinas internal affairs. Senora Leila de Lima es buena en la carcel!


Candido Basco, New York: Why do we have clocks when time is not real? Can we do "fall back" instead?


Cesar Garcia, Corpus Christi, TX: DST causes collective ire. For one, we lose an hour of sleep. And with that comes a darker morning and an earlier work day - sucky, yukky things. It runs much deeper than REM disruption and commuting inconveniences - car accidents, heart problems, moodiness in adolescents, retailers lose serious cash, bar owners lose serious business, messes with babies, and farm animals.


Gerald Helferich, Troy, NY: On David Prerau's book - a delightfully detailed look at a familiar but under-appreciated subject. Who knew it required two centuries, a couple of world wars, and a Supreme Court decision to make daylight saving time a reality? After reading David Prerau's enjoyable and revealing account, you'll hope we never 'fall back' to the dark days before daylight saving time again.


Christina Villa, Bolivia: Some claim that global warming is just a 'problem, reaction, solution' scenario that has been manufactured by those in power as a means of producing profits, and also that global warming does not exist or cannot be verified unless or until climate geoengineering is halted. If a person was found injured and unconscious, but the cause or various causes of ijury were not yet known, admitted to, or conclusively confirmed, does that mean the injury doesn't exist in the first place? Wars are most certainly utilized by the power structure to produce massive profits, does that mean that wars are not real? Such lines of thinking are not rational or a factual basis on which to form a conclusion. Though there are countless "disaster capitalists" trying to make all the profit they can from the disintegrating climate system, that does not negate the reality itself.


Andre Hernandez, Dominican Republic:   It is muy bueno to have your Faith. Most Christian churches hold to a set of beliefs that incorporate what they call a philosophy of government. some denominations go so far as to include human government in their confession of faith. God did not create a hierarchical group. Adam was created as a free individual - able to choose wrongly against God. When he did so and caused the fall of mankind after him, there is no record that God then established government in order to somehow compensate for sin.


Altay Atli, Turkey: It puzzles the Turks about the sea-going version of the Modern Silk Road. The Maritime Silk Road (MSR) project of China because Turkey is a country littoral to three major seas, the Black Sea, Mediterranean and the Aegean. Turkey remains on the margins of MSR as China cooperates with Greece, the shipping giant. How would China position itself in case of a conflict between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean? And second, if China invests in Turkish ports and received large, even controlling shares in these facilities, can they turn into "dual use" ports engaging both in commerce and military use? What would this mean for Turkey's relations with China on one hand, and with its Western allies on the other?

Editor: Thank you, Mr. Atli, for your interesting questions. You may wish to address your concerns to the Chinese Ambassador to Turkey, H.E, Mr. Yu Hongyang, or Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin, or Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang.


Bethlehem Shaaban, Kenya: Why is not Kenya in the list?

Editor: Thank you for your concern, Bethlehem. Kenya seems to be a small hub in the entire project. Please ask the Chinese envoy in Kenya.


Dominic Omondi, Kenya: The Standard Guage Railway (SGR) is a tiny part in China's OBOR, and thrusts Kenya at the heart of China's grand plan to build one long transport corridor from mainland China, through Asia, Europe, and finally into Africa. 


Jena Tidler, Denver, CO: Great newspaper, Philippine Sentinel -- for seeking the unreported truth and shedding light on it! Congratulations!


Janaki Singh, Uttar Pradesh, India: Great article on China's OBOR. However, at the heart of India's reluctance to embrace Beijing's promise of road building and connectivity is strategic mistrust. The country is wedged between two nuclear-armed neighbours and has fought wars against both in the last 60 years. The historical baggage of the 1962 war still looms large in India's imagination. During the brief war, Beijing inflicted a crushing defeat on the unprepared Indian army. The founding father of the Indian republic, Jawaharlal Nehru, was physically and mentally broken by the experience. Both countries are still dealing with the legacy of that war. Though Beijing has resolved most of its land border issues with neighbouring Russia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, India remains an exception. It appears China is in no hurry to settle this boundary with Delhi. The current strategic mistrust between Delhi and Beijing will make it very difficult for Indian policy-makers to accept the One Belt One Road initiative in its present form. Beijing has to co-design the new Silk Road with India for it to have any chance of success. If the Chinese government wants to address the trust deficit and get a larger buy-in from Indians, they will have to engage Delhi in designing and implementing One Belt One Road.


Juan Cole, University of Michigan: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is less about India and more about regional development for China and stabilization for Pakistan. The northwestern Xinjiang Province (pop. 22mn.) has faced marginalization and a small separatist movement by the Uygur Muslim minority, which China sees as stirred up by the US CIA. China has decided to develop its northwest by turning Pakistan into a sort of Hong Kong West. Hong Kong played, and perhaps still plays an important role as a gateway for certain kinds of foreign investment into China. In the same way, Pakistan can be a window on the world and a conduit for oil and trade into northwestern cities as Urumqi and the smaller Kashgar (pop. 1 mn.). New rail lines will be built to Karachi and to the new port of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea near Iran. Some will go through Baluchistan, tying that restive province, which has seen a separatist movement, more tightly to Islamabad. For its part, China will be at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and appears to hope for pipelines bringing oil across Pakistan and the Himalayas up to Xinjiang. China views its role in Pakistan as that of an agent of vast economic progress likely makes it a more attractive partner for Islamabad than the U.S.

Vernon Toquinho, Rio de Janeiro: Obrigado, Philippine Sentinel for your HAARP story. Having researched the chemtrail haarp weapons system for 4 years myself now this totally does not surprize me. I am aware of this system (titled weapons systems HR2977) is very real and employed aregularly right around the planet destroying countries and their economies in preparations for one world government. Its no fairytale/conspiracy theory. Parabens! Feliz aniversario!
Phinit Rangsiyothai, Bangkok: Mining company accused of Chile earthquake, admits one million liter cyanide spill in Argentina. whatevr they are - they are HAARP. Koop kun krap, Philippine Sentinel!
Julia Petruli, Milan, Italy: Ed y Gina - sono molto impressionato dal vostro stile di pubblicazione. Complimenti, Philippine Sentinel!
Mahmoud Alajeel, Basrah: I am chemical engineer - I read chemtrails. they are real. Shukran, Philippine Sentinel!
Thomas Hansen, Oslo, Norway: Nice newspaper, Gina and Edward! The Philippines has become Norway's gateway in tapping new opportunities and exploring the region's dynamic culture and business environment - we have 60 years relationship with each other that is deeply rooted on multilateralism, respect for international law, peaceful settlement of disputes and the merits of conomic cooperation: fundamental elements of Norway's foreign policy. Gratulerer, Philippine Sentinel!
Isabel Rodriguez (expat) Lima, Peru: Salamat naman sa Panginoon ngakarron tayong Pangulong Digong na may tunay na malasakit sa kinabukasan ng ating bansa -- ang ating mga anak. Mabuhay Philippine Sentinel! Keep it up!
Maher Sattar, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Dhonno-baad, Philippine Sentinel! Bangladesh wants Amnesty International to go out of my country - they have kickbacks in war crimes trials. Please do more writing on their abuse and corruption.
Khalid Talaat, Doha, Qatar: It is shameful role of US-UK based "human rights" groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch play using liberal dcotrine to promote and justify imperialist wat and occupation. Keep reporting Philippine Sentinel - the truch. Shukran.
Kofi Taladit, Sudan: Amnesty International has historically been considered hostile to the Sudan. They always give damning report, far from truth and build on fabricated pictures. Shukran, Philippine Sentinel!
Pol Araku, Bangkok: Koop kun krap, Philippine Sentinel! Amnesty International writes lies about how a country resolves its own problem - they need to get out and stop causing civil wars among people of same country. We follow our own democracy and will not be stopped from our own way - not theirs.
Ahmed Homoud, Kuwait: Amnesty International lied about incubator babies that cause US genocide against Iraq. It is tool of CIA and MI6. Shukran, Philippine Sentinel!

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