Filipino nurse struck and killed

while jogging

HOUSTON — Filipino nurse Ronell Lapid, 30.  who just came to Houston from Dallas died in an accident Friday, July 17, while jogging near  the Texas Medical Center.

Ronell decided to leave Dallas to be closer with his relatives in Houston according to her older sister Dianne who was surprised to hear from a co-worker of Jonell who informed her of Ronnel's absence from work at Houston Methodist Hospital as an ICU staff nurse.

Houston Police Department said that the Filipino nurse was struck around 6:15 a.m. by a Cadillac sedan along Fannin St in the Medical Center. The driver of the sedan was questioned by the HPD investigator but was released later on without any traffic citation.

The Filipino nurse was on his third month of employment with the Houston Methodist Hospital and was well-liked by his co-workers for his amiable personality.

According to some sources, Houston hospitals are in dire need of nurses, some well-known hospitals even offer $5,000 weekly compensation just to fill in the employment vacuum in the nursing industry created by Covid19.

According to Ronell's nursing Trainor,  Mckenzie Diskin, a registered nurse, Ronell, in such a short time has found himself to be well-liked by his subordinates in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Houston Methodist Hospital. Diskin trained Lapid when he was assigned at the ICU and he shared his knowledge and experience about the pandemic coronavirus.

His sister Dianne said that his younger brother Ronnel is an avid runner, and would run more than 10 miles daily either to Memorial Park or Hermann Park both near the Texas Medical Center.

It was through social media that the family learned of the tragedy on Sunday. A MISSING PERSON poster was distributed in the Metro Houston  Filipino community Friday, July 15, 2020, only to find out Sunday that Ronnel passed away.

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