MANILA, Philippines —A new PCGA activity was brought to the meeting by Capt. Randy Anderson PCGA of the Executive Squadron and his son Lt. Kenneth Anderson, are the father and brother of LCDR Gerald Anderson PCGA who is also a well-known and popular TV and screen actor. LCDR Gerald Anderson heads the PCGA K9 Special Support Squadron.

The meeting was held Sunday, November 22, 2020, at the office of 117th Auxiliary Squadron headed by Capt. Leo Ferrer PCGA, who is also the Barangay Chairman of Barangay UP Village in Quezon City
In attendance during the meeting besides Capt. Leo Ferrer was his predecessor, Capt. Frank Ho PCGA, LCDR Bennie Escobar, 117th Deputy Director for Operations, LCDR Enrique Vega PCGA, LtSg Mario T. Francisco, and LtSg Jayson Don Pagnaliwan, and neophyte Joh C.S. Lavilles.

There were issues discussed during the meeting inclusive of the following: formation of a nursery for coral reef enhancement to be based in Botolan, Zambales; organize coastal community auxiliary division; a fish sanctuary in cooperation with Barangay and Municipality of Botolan, Zambales and the transfer of membership of LtSg Kenneth Anderson to 117th Auxilary Squadron.


Top picture shows Capt Leo Ferrer PCGA, (third from rignt) togetther with the rest of the attendees, from lfeftl LCDR Enrique Vega PCGA; CDR Bennie Escobar PCGA, 117th deputy director for operation; Capt Frank Ho PCGA, immediate past 117th squadron director; Capt Randy Anderson PCGA, Executive Squadron; Lt Kenneth Anderson PCGA; and Lt  Mario T. Francisco PCGA

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